Weaving Type

Weave types include Plain, Twill, Dutch, Reverse Weave, Herringbone Weave, and Crimped Weave.

Plain Weave Wire Mesh

Each warp wire crosses alternately above and below each weft wire. Warp and weft wires generally hav..
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Twill Weave Wire Mesh

Twill weave wire mesh is produced by passing each weft wire alternately over and under two warp wire..
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Dutch Weave Wire Mesh

Dutch Weave wire mesh is produced by the use of coarse mesh (mesh wire, woven wire mesh, wire mesh b..
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Reverse Weave Wire Mesh

This weave results in greater strength with very fine openings and is primarily used as a filter clo..
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Herringbone weave wire mesh

Herringbone, also called broken twill weave, describes a distinctive V-shaped weaving pattern usuall..
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Crimped Weave Wire Mesh

Crimped Wire Mesh is made in a variety of materials through a crimping mesh machine, a kind of unive..
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