Automotive, Aviation, Industrial, Electronics, Medical, Military, and Telecommunications.

AHT Hatong Wire cloth is extremely versatile. From advanced filtration to varied temperature applications to basic commercial needs; the list of applications is endless.

Our mesh is distributed world-wide and is used in applications for cryogenics, high temperature and corrosive environments, expansion joints, filtration, EMI / RFI shielding, industrial and medical filtration and other special service applications.


--- Brass Wire Mesh

--- Nickel Wire Mesh

--- Stainless Steel Wire Mesh


Oil Drilling--- Vibration Screen

Oil Well Completion--- Sand Control Pipe

Rectification--- Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

----Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

--- Mild Steel Mesh

--- Filter Discs


Ionic membrane caustic soda

--- Nickel Mesh

--- Stainless Steel Special Alloy Mesh

--- Filtration Mesh

Automobile and vehicle manufacturing

Exhaust emission reduction--- Stainless Steel Special Alloy Mesh

Air bag--- Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

--- Filtration Mesh

--- Knitted Mesh

--- Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Energy Technology:

New energy and environmental protection

Sewage Disposal System

--- Nickel Mesh

--- Knitted Mesh

--- Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Hydraulic Pressure:

Hydraulic filter parts---Stainless Steel Wire Mesh,Galvanized Mesh

Air Filter Parts---Epoxy Mesh

Advantage: Enviromental and Economic

--- Filtration Mesh

--- Filter tubes

Food and Drink Industrial:

Filtration for Drinks and Bear

Edible Oil filtration

Filtration for Serous Fluid

--- Square Mesh,

--- Plain Weave Mesh

--- Special Alloy Mesh

Plastic and polymer industry:

Filtration for Solid Particles and Liquid

---Reverse Weave Mesh, Square Wire Mesh, Special Alloy Mesh

---Filter Discs

---Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Industrial Insulation

---knitted Wire Mesh

---insulation Accessories